At Desert Safari Dubai, we respect the privacy of each and every customer of ours. We only collect the pertinent data and information of our clients for booking purposes. As such, we try our best to take care of our client’s entitlement to privacy in association with their involvement and interaction with our website. Our extent of security as part of the customer’s information usage is listed below.

Collection of Personal Information

We only collect the customer’s data when they approach us for reservations or inquire about our product and services. The information we gather includes the client’s name, phone number, home address (or wherever they are currently staying), email address, payment details, and things regarding the trip. Upon the extraction of pertinent data, you give affirmation to our company to use it for processing orders in a precise way.

Use of Information

Our company will use all the personal information of the customer that is acquired through our site for bookings, verification of credit card details, and giving relevant information connected with the client’s trip. It will also be used for research, auditing, and other similar activities that are focused on improving and boosting the performance of the site.

Privacy of Your Information

The information that our customers submit throughout the reservation process including their name, contact number, and address is deemed private and confidential. We will not disclose, reveal, or sell it to anyone except for appropriate third parties and suppliers who are involved in the successful handling, managing, and execution of your order. However, before divulging your information to certain third parties, we will ensure that they comply with our privacy policy and stick to rigid safety standards.

Legal Disclosure of Information

If we find out that revealing your information is essential for protecting our company’s rights, a legal proceeding, or to abide by a court order, then we may reveal it.

External Content

Our company continually gathers data from our site through different third party service providers and weblogs. However, this information is mainly utilized to assess the efficiency and coherence of our site’s features and contents. Our company is not responsible for the legitimacy and precision of the content. Moreover, we or our site shouldn’t be regarded accountable for any loss at any given point.

Adverts and Sponsored Links

This website may include adverts and supported links that are generated by our advertising associates. Clicking on those adverts will lead you to their site by a referral program that might use cookies. As those advertising associates may have their own detailed privacy policy, customers should click those external links at their own risk. We, our website, advertising partners, and their site can’t be held accountable for any harm or damages if ever occurred.

External Links

Clients are advised to be careful while clicking on any URLs or external web links defined throughout this site. Although we make sure that we provide you with safe, quality, and pertinent external links, we still can’t assure the content of any third party link. Customers should pay heed that we can’t be held in charge of any reparation that is caused by any external links.