Thrilling And Attraction Of Aquatic Adventure

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Thrilling And Attraction Of Aquatic Adventure Wild Wadi Water Park

Thrilling Attraction  Aquatic Adventure, Those who are trip enthusiastic can explore the beautiful places ready for the remarkable journey to the Wild Wadi. Wild Wadi is a water park located impressive Burj Al Arab sail-designed hotel on the Jumeirah Beach road. You can make the long daydream true spending the vacation and choosing destination favourite forever in the mind. The experienced traveller who enjoyed the trip in the Wild Wadi will express how the ride exciting and suitable one. Whatever, you fear of height engage in the 30 different enjoyable rides as well attractions in the Wild Wadi. The famous water park theme under the Arabian folklore along with Juha legend that character who Sinbad travelled all over the globe through sailing the seas.

Wild Wadi Water Park Ticket Price :

Adult : (285 AED)

Child : (245 AED)


  • One Day Pass
  • Book and get confirmed tickets instantly
  • Access to 30 rides and attractions

There’s no doubt, the Wild Wadi makes the journey exciting to everyone specifically visit the Jumeirah Sceirah. The riders should take a look at the 32 metre lofty tower and see the transparent chamber. If you are the beginner or experienced one surely feel the increase of adrenaline level zero the trap door opens and pushing riders get down about 12 metres from side to site. In addition to, the riders compete to view who comes out from the ride with unlimited happiness on the face. The ride is almost deliver the thrilling experience wipeout and riptide of flow riders along with surfing skills and place body-boarding to the test. The long-lasting on the ride waves created automatically by the wave machines explode about 7 tonnes of huge amount of water per second.

Juha’s journey delivers the entire ride speed, measures about 360 metres and longer distance of lazy river that you can enjoy jump, drift and inflatable ring with peace and relaxing the cruise. Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon designed the unlimited fun activities in the play area to keep the children entertained includes dumping buckets, slides and water cannons. Whether, you need to engage in the water adventure fix the pulse racing or tranquil leisurely is the preference for the attractions and rides for the family for both kid’s and old. Whatever, you planned to spend the vacation in the location don’t forget to enjoy in the Wild Wadi and explore what are the interesting things, which attracts the travellers.

Wadi Washed is an exquisite choreographed light, water and sound show makes an attractive entrance of the park with 7-minute performance about 60, 000 water splashes and cliff the face against backdrop of lightning and thunder. Wild Wadi Water Park open 7 days in a week as well closing duration may change in the year. So, before you engage in the ride ensure to visit the website of the park to gather the required details. Now, the park tick prices reduced for all the visitors free parking about 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

Highlights of Jumeirah Mosque:-

Step into the Emirati and Islamic faith culture with the Jumeirah Mosque trip and famous Mosque in the United Arab Emirates open for the non-Muslims. The dual minarets and elaborate carvings of the dome makes famous landmark in Dubai. The trip organized well by the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural recognizing Open doors and open minds program intend to break down the obstacles among various cultural groups. You can capture the amazing mosque and cameras allowed and wash the feet before pray and enter into the prayer hall. The Qibla wall achieved beautiful decorations ready for the prayer and prayer hall faces direction of Mecca. The holiest place of the mosque enhance the faith in the life and link everyone relationship without culture consideration.

Unlimited fun at Safa park:-

The waterfalls, lawns, gardens and above 200 birds species makes the Safa Park familiar in the chosen destination. The picnic areas, sport facilities and playing fields to children fairground and playgrounds encounter the family expectations. If you like to play something like soccer or volleyball enter into the large lawn to start running and jogging on the park perimeter. You can spend the time in the hedge maze, which surrounded by greenery bushes and attempt to explore for way out. Children surely prefer the games area by the giant trampoline, bumper cars and ferris wheel as well small busy village drive the cars battery powered and road includes road signs and traffic lights. The Safa Park open regularly early morning and close at night make you pay little entrance fee. The facilities are many cafes, barbecue and picnic regions and this park situated 8 miles from Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Road border.

Wild Wadi ticket offers:-

The trip ticket plays vital role and each traveller focus on the price of the ticket. You don’t bother about the enjoyment anymore after you grab the ticket for the trip. The huge happiness will compensate spending money nevertheless you should spend time to make sure offering prices. Now, the Wild Wadi tickets make the traveller enjoy with the family Desert safari and finest place for the brilliant choice. It never lets down even a single traveller worry about spending time in the destination without enjoyment feel. The slides, rides, surf pools and wave machine creating waves impress everyone to achieve greater entertainment with new experience. The tickets who obtain enter into the aquatic real adventure and realize that what you are going to earn and how you enjoy in the thrilling ride. You can explore the attractions and comprehensive entertainment in the interesting rides at Wild Wadi Water Park.

Wild Wadi ticket and special deals:-

The Wild Wadi special deals are available to all the travellers who buy the tickets to spend the upcoming vacation. You can enjoy the delicious food in the Park and carts all over the places such as juices, cotton candies, popcorn, smoothies, fresh fruits, etc. Here, you can grab the Wild Wadi ticket special deals to save money and get assure for more enjoyment. The attractions and aquatic adventure beckons everyone to start the ride and purchase amazing items for all your family and friends like swimwear, t-shirts, toys, souvenir cups, etc.


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