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  • Sharjah City Tour
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Sharjah City Tour, Many people all over the world wanted the Sharjah city tour description so as to which are the prominent places in Sharjah worth visiting. Hence, to your rescue, the Sharjah tour brings some of the best exotic locations and beautiful sceneries which will surely take your mood to the next level of happiness and glory. Sharjah is one of the most ancient cities in Dubai and over the time, it is still on its firm hold. Each day, lakhs of people go for the Sharjah sightseeing and spend their time with whole joy and love.

Sharjah City Tour Package

Basic Package: 100AED (Minimum 4 persons).

Exclusive Package: 600 AED (Maximum 6 persons).

Sharjah City Tour- Souq Al Arsah

If you are a fan of shopping, the Souq Al Arsah will be the best-loved option for you. This is the oldest market in Dubai and contains almost everything which you may need in your day to day life. Suffering from the torcher heat of Dubai will surely help you relax in this market as it is fully air-conditioned. In this market, you will get the opportunity to shop for some local handcraft stuff, ethnic jewelry, herbs and many more.

Sharjah City Tour- Calligraphy Museum

Well, a fan of antic masterpieces? The Calligraphy Museum will be worth visiting. Among several of the Sharjah Tourist places, this museum is the best from the rest of the lot. Here you will see some of the great masterpieces and also some beautiful paintings were drawn by the world’s renowned artists. Leaving from this museum will make you cherishable with the fine artwork they laid down in front of you.

Sharjah City Tour- Sharjah National Park

Nothing can excite kids as much as animals do and nothing is a greater national park than the Sharjah National park. This park has its boundaries extended all over and animals of almost every category.  The luscious trees and the windy nature of the Sharjah national park will be a memory worth remembering.

Sharjah City Tour- Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is one of the best Sharjah tourist’s spots everyone must visit once in their lifetime. For marine lovers, they should visit this fascinating museum which has all of the marine-related stuff which will make you go gaga over. From traditional dhows, pearls to the modern day fishing equipment, you say and they have it all to charm you with their best possible items.

Sharjah City Tour- Al-Hisn Museum

Thinking about the fortress of Sharjah will bring the Al-Hisn Museum into the limelight. This Museum is far too old but has been maintained to its absolute level of perfection. Here you will gain some knowledge about the old sculptures and antic stuff. Talking about his history, this fortress was the home of Sharjah rulers for about 200 years.

Sharjah City Tour- Grand King Faisal Mosque

The Grand King Faisal Mosque is one of the most enchanting Sharjah tourist attractions you will ever come across. The interior, as well as the exterior of this beautiful mosque, is crafted which will leave several people stunned by its mesmerizing beauty. Every day, thousands of people come and offer namaz in this beautiful mosque which is a fascinating beauty in its own.

Sharjah City Tour-Unlimited Photo Capturing at Sharjah

In this modern world, none of our trips are complete without a great photo shoot session. Thus, the Sharjah city tour brings for you, an amazing photo session with some of the breathtaking landscapes and mesmerizing beauties. Click photos randomly anywhere and save them to remember and cherish when you will leave for home.

Sharjah City Tour- Al-Ittihad Monument

Among the several places in Sharjah, the Al-Ittihad Monument is the one everyone should visit. Besides several of years have been passed, this monument hasn’t lost its charm and beauty. This monument has a very special place in Dubai as it symbolizes the Union of the Emirates.

Pick Up from your respective hotel in Dubai/Sharjah. Grand King Faisal Mosque
Calligraphy Museum Al Makazi Market
Maritime Museum  Al ithad Monument
Sharjah national park Archaeological Museum
Al-Hisn Museum  The Rulers of Old Palace
Al Qasba Wheel Blue Souk
Majarrah Souk Drop back to your desired Hotel in Dubai/Sharjah


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