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  • Playtowm Mattle Dubai
  • Playtowm Mattle Dubai
  • Playtowm Mattle Dubai
  • Playtowm Mattle Dubai
  • Playtowm Mattle Dubai

Playtown Mattel Dubai Tickets

Playtown Mattel Dubai Tickets, most of the parents looking the perfect play town for their kids. They can visit the internet and find the right one for the kids. If you make a trip to Dubai, you can visit the Mattel play town for the kid’s purpose. It gives the fun and entertainment to the kids and enjoys the fun things in a whole day from this place. It acquires the safe, magical and interactive outdoor games. It is suitable for the kids between two to ten years old. It has five themed zones that focus on the several social skill and an educational element which used for the kids to learn many things.

Playtown Mattel Ticket Price :

Adult Ticket Price : 65 AED

Kids Ticket Price : 105 AED


  •  Get entry ticket for play town
  •  Access free toy store
  •  Access health meals and snack item

It is sure to attract the kids very much in these days.  The kids can play the game with the cartoon characters. You can enjoy a safe and healthy food option in the location. It is an ideal choice for the kids during the summer vacation. It can keep up lots of fun game, arts, crafts and others based on the children imagination. It is situated at the ultra hip city walk. The people can get the perfect details about the mattel play town. It is the well-known playing area in Dubai.

Get perfect game play experience:

It is the most suited one for the kids to enjoy with the different range of games in one place. They can pay attention to view the game and get the best experience with the renowned name like Barney, Thomas and friends, bob the builder, Angelina Ballerina, and Fireman Sam. It has come up with the live show the ability to create a long-lasting memory. It is considered as a play based learning that help for the kids to learn the concepts very easily. The kids can involve in social skill and other. The kids can see a ballet dancer with the television screen and they can fun with it.

If your kids feel unhappy, this is best for them.  In Dubai, there are different ranges of outdoor playing area available. You can check it and book the ticket within the budget. The kids can lot of fun with the Thomas area. They can enjoy the things like big slides, ball pit and lot more. They can find out the best toy that suitable for them in the toy store. They can get lots of souvenirs, tops, accessories, clothing, and books. Totally, there are five play zones available in the mattle play town like live shows, 4D cinema, birthday party rooms and lot more.

Access the perfect package:

It is a suitable option for those who like theme learning methodology. It gives the perfect solution to the kid’s education. There are different kinds of a package available for utilizing the theme learning experience. The kids can enjoy the sixty minutes with the party games in the private rooms. They can avail of unlimited access to the park area and enjoy each location character. You can keep up the schedule to visit each location at the perfect time.

The kids can enjoy the excellent food and drink in another package. They can manage various choices in this package.  When it comes to the VIP package, the kids can get the extra benefit of the complimentary choices. They can see the special characters appear only for fifteen minutes. They can take pleasure in face painting, mascot appearance, and themed decoration and goodie bags.


It is open at 9:00 am daily. The kids can explore different zones with different levels. They have open access to all area and get the complimentary certification for the participation. One teacher is avail for every ten students.


Is staff provided excellent teaching solution?

Yes, the staffs are amazing and very happy to encourage the kids to learn something different. They spend time with the kids learning purpose and provide the right strategy for the kid’s education.

Is good for the young children?

It is the perfect option for the young children. They can play with the five different play zones. It is a good place to spend time in Dubai for the kids learning. The kids can enjoy the open access benefits to visit all the things within very short of time.

Is it best alternative for the little one?

They can enjoy the many play areas like Bob the builder, Thomas, Angelina Ballerina, Barney and Fireman Sam. there are different live shows and food items that beneficial for the parents. It is a quite bit enjoyable place in Dubai.

Why do you need to visit this place?

There are various reasons why the parents visit the place. It holds the theme learning guide that can encourage the kids on social activity and other creative development.  This one encourages the kids to utilize the imagination and creativity with the fantastic character.

What are the characters present in the Mattel play town?

  •  Angelina Ballerina
  •  Bob the builder
  •  Fireman
  •  Thomas and friends
  •  Barney

What the packages provided by mattle play town?

  •  Schools
  •  Birthday packages
  •  Character breakfast experience package
  •  Moms and tots package

Plan your vacation:

It is most important one for your vacation and gets the detailed plan from the travel planner. You can explore all the delights in one place and enjoy with more beneficial things. The little can make a lot of fun with this place and explore the different fun environment. You can access the tour guide to travel to the city walk for visiting the Mattel play town. The students can learn the importance of the team building while joining the bob the builder Mattel play town. The Angelina ballerina describes the discipline, strength, teamwork, and dedication that useful for you to gain the good success in your life. When it comes to the Thomas and friends, you can enjoy the connection of journey with different play zone. You can discover the island of Sodor and themed play structure. They can enjoy their time with the fine cinema and other activity.


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