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Motion gate Dubai tickets Online

Motion gate Dubai Tickets, is one of the most popular resorts and theme park. The largest theme park is located in the Middle East and the Hollywood studio features the theme park include Lionsgate, dream works animation, Sony pictures studios, and others. The adventure theme park brings more than 10 of Hollywood beloved blockbuster movies to the visitor’s life.

Motiongate Dubai equipped with more than 27 thrill rides, attractions, and 15 entertainment experiences. It also filled with 9 themed restaurants, 15 themed outlets, and others. These rides and attractions provide the adventure experience to the visitors.

Motion gate dubai tickets Price:  (245 AED)


  • Day Pass
  • Access to all interactive shows and rides

Visit every zone for full experience of Motiongate Dubai

The Motiongate Dubai file themed attraction provide inspiration from the different Hollywood motion picture studio like DreamWorks, Lionsgate, animation, Columbia pictures, and others. The biggest theme park offers a lot of the attraction that allows you to enjoy the holiday fun and entertainment. You can visit every zone in the Motiongate Dubai for the full experience. Here you can see few zones in a theme park.

Columbia Pictures

Columbia pictures are one of the rides in the theme park and the ride high-speed hornet coaster and join in the paranormal battle. It helps Selene take on Lycans in the underworld supernatural universe in the four dimension experience. It comes with the lot of attractions like drop tower, water ride, interactive show, coasters, and others.


You should visit the popular Lionsgate adventure zone and get an experience of the favorite movies such as step up revolution, hunger games, live entertainment, step up all in, thrill attractions, and others. The visitors will get to the sour over battle peacekeepers, Panem, capitol bullet train, upside down coaster, backward, and forward coaster to watch the Dubai dance for the international championship and others.

Smurfs village

The Smurfs village is head of the Motiongate Dubai immersive explore and smurf colony. This zone is equipped with the friendly attraction for kids such as family rides, play zones, theater and others. You can visit the smurfs village and get the thrill experience in the theme park.

Studio center

In the Motiongate Dubai, the studio center is popular zone and it welcoming everyone into the cinema world. The highlight of the theme park studio center is the golden age of the Hollywood with the film sets and it behind scenes looks at the theatrical shows, filmmaking illusions, and others.

You can visit the theme park with the discounted ticket price. The theme park also offers the Dubai card that is the perfect choice to save huge money on Motiongate Dubai ticket purchasing. This card is flexible to buy the theme park tickets at any time. The visitor’s pass includes theme park tickets, food, top rides and attractions, and others.

Special offer for them park tickets

Motiongate Dubai offers the huge range of the theme park ticket package such as single day ticket, annual pass, GCC residents offers, Q-fast, and others. Every type of the ticket package comes with the unique benefits so you can choose the ticket package as per your needs and choice. You can enjoy the unlimited access to the theme park and entertain to 1 water park as well as 3 theme parks.

Types of Motiongate Dubai tickets

One day Park tickets

Motiongate Dubai offers the different types of the tickets such as Bollywood parks for one day ticket, one day one theme or Water Park and one day two parks. The visitors can access to one theme park in the Bollywood theme park ticket. You can enjoy full day access different activities at the theme park as per your choice. You can choose the park between Motiongate Dubai, Legoland Water Park, and Legoland Dubai.

In the one day one park ticket, the theme park tickets package offer the unlimited access to the theme parks for one day. Below three years children are charge free to visit the theme park. The tickets are non-exchangeable for any options and the exclude activities are a separate price. You need to pay a separate fee for car parking.

Annual passes

Motiongate Dubai offers the different types of the annual pass such as Motiongate Dubai, Legoland dubai, 2 parks annual pass, all park annual pass. The annual pass park ticket package provides lot of the benefits to the user such as reduce ticket cost, get discounts for activities, food, shopping, and others. The visitors can get benefits up to 60 % best discounts on the shopping, dining and much more with the theme park annual pass. The park annual pass is valid for one year and you can get 10% to 50 % for admission tickets, retail, food, beverage, Lapita spa, and others. The annual pass is not refundable and it cannot offer for resale in any circumstance. With the help of the annual pass, you can visit the theme park twice the year and it offers some benefits and discounts.

GCC resident tickets

Motiongate Dubai offers the different types of the GCC resident tickets such as one-day Bollywood parks Dubai GCC tickets, one day one park GCC ticket, and others. It offers the exclusive features to the GCC residents and you can enjoy a full day in the theme park or water park in Dubai. The offers and discounts are available only for the purchasing date of the ticket. The GCC resident’s ticket is not non-resalable for any discounts. The Dubai resort and theme park management reserve to change promotional part at any time. The GCC resident ticket is only valid for the theme park. You will share the unique and amazing movement with your friends or family at the theme park with the affordable tickets.

If you are looking to visit the theme park on your holiday then you can purchase the parking ticket as per your needs. You can enjoy the day in the Motiongate Dubai. You can buy the ticket with the annual pass or GCC resident that helps you to reduce money by purchasing the theme park tickets.


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