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  • KTM Desert Motorbike
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  • KTM Desert Motorbike
  • KTM Desert Motorbike

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- Ultimate Adventure experience

It doesn’t matter how enchanting bikes you have driven across your hometown streets. The KTM Desert Motorbike Tours will be a whole new experience for you as well as for your loved ones. Drive relentlessly in those dunes and feel the heat as you pass through every cactus of the Dubai desert. You, along with your friends can also race along the desert to see who will win and take an absolute relishing party from the one who will lose that race. With such exhilarating experience, you will always want to come back to Dubai for this worth remembering experience.

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- Basic

The off-road rental Dubai will provide you with various tour options one of which is the beginner tour. Now, you are new and do not know anything about the Dubai desert motocross driving. But, not to worry, the Beginner tours will surely make you a master at this very moment. In this tour, you will learn how to perfectly balance your body and ride your dream bike with the desired ease and comfort.

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- A notch higher

Now that you have become a master and ready to drive in those luscious sands, still there are certain norms which you don’t know about, at such situations, the advanced tours can come at a rescue for you. With such boon, you will experience the Dubai desert adventures on your favorite bikes with full freedom. By taking this tour seriously, you can become an absolute master in riding bikes and can even teach your loved ones the same too. However, many sports bike rental Dubai has this exotic feature where anyone can learn confidently and without any hassle.

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- Safety

Safety has always been their top priority. With proper training, you can tackle any obstacle which will come in your way that’s for sure. Apart from that different safety gears will be provided to you such as helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and much more. In the case of an accident, these gears will save you from those disastrous injuries which can ruin your life to an extra orbit level.

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- Personal Tour Guide

You are not alone in the wavy sands of Dubai as the KTM Desert Motorbike Tours will provide you with a personal guide itself. With such guide, you will be enlightened about every rule related to motorbike riding, and he will be the third eye who will see to it that you drive your desired bike with complete safety and assurance.

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- Affordability

Majority of the motorbike companies can take a hefty amount from you and can make you left with a little or no amusement. With KTM Desert Motorbike Tours, one thing which you can be deadly assured is the pricing. The team desert motorbike price is far lower and can be afforded by almost everyone who would like to ride on their favorite bikes with little or no amusement. You can get plenty of Motorbike rentals Dubai and can enjoy that moment to the core. Further, the motorcycle rental Sharjah is also a unique location to ride on your favorite mountain bikes at an affordable price.

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- Exotic Collection of Bikes

For extreme fanatic bike lovers, the KTM Desert Motorbike Tours bring to you, a wide collection of bikes which will take anyone’s breath away. Bikes are ranging from 2016 KTM 450 EXC to KTM 500 EXC, you say, and they will present you with the same within minutes. Apart from all this, you can also enjoy the lure benefits of quad bikes Dubai and the mix Dubai buggy. Choose from such collections and ride in this every lasting beauty of the Dubai deserts.

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- Adventure Tour for Amateurs

 If you don’t have any experience in the motorbike riding, the adventure tour for the amateur tour will help you achieve that foot. You will experience the basic norms of riding a bike flowing through the prickly heat of desert and mountains which will outlay their shadow on you.

This package constitutes a 2hour tour where you will learn how to ride a dirt bike in the sands of Dubai with absolute perfection.  Here, you will learn to improve your skills with each baby step, and in the end, you will learn to drive flawlessly provided that you have an eagerness to drive that mountain bike.

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- Adventure Tour for Advance people

Till now, you have become a master at riding and looking forward to taking that next step to becoming masters at it. This can be achieved by opting for the advanced motorbike tour. This tour involves a 4hour session for relentless driving. With such tour, you can enhance your skills as much as you can and can ride through the deserts quite steadily and with full freedom. In this tour, some of the advanced training skills will be taught to you, and yes, you will be provided with all the safety equipment for your well being and security.


KTM Desert Motorbike Tours- Custom Motorbike Tour

For those who will like to explore the deserts independently or with their loved-ones, the custom motorbike tour is still as a blessing for you. This tour is available for a period of up to 2 days provided with a camp for an overnight stay. What else you want other than this? Gear up with your loved ones and choose this tour option to get lost completely in the mesmerizing beauty of the Dubai Deserts.

KTM Desert Motorbike Tours in Dubai offers a mesmerising opportunity for all those who love to ride their dream bikes on the sands of Dubai cutting through every hurdle that comes in their way. Choose them, and you will surely enjoy every bit of this thrilling experience.

2 hours KTM bike ride Safety equipment like helmet, boots, clothes, safety kit
Initial lesson for beginners


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