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Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Hot Air Balloon Dubai, Many of you must have dreams of riding yourself in a Hot air Balloon. Besides those rides costing too on your vocational budget, it is still an expensive thing to ride on. But, with the Hot air balloon Dubai, every dream can be converted into a reality. As Dubai is one of the most amazing places to ride on a hot air balloon with your loved ones, we can be a savior for you. If you are looking for the lowest pricing, we offer the best competitive pricing from rest of the market and an experience which you will remember throughout your life.  Hot air balloon Dubai can provide you with the cheapest hot air balloons ride Dubai. You must have ridden a car by your own but mesmerizing on a hot air balloon Dubai ride is a unique experience on its own. Many hot air balloon Dubai deals are waiting for you, so check out and indulge in this mesmerizing moment of your very own life.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai  Price : (1135 AED )

Why Us

  • Independent Advice

There are a lot of booking agencies where you will find mixed advice, but they will never give you the best ones. But with the hot air balloon Dubai, every individual will be advised on an absolute level of perfection.

  • Safety Conscious

The Balloon ride Dubai has all of the safety equipment which can be needed in any of the emergency situations. Utmost safety has always been their priority, and they are proving this time after time.

  • Competitive price

Hot air balloon Dubai is the cheapest hot air balloon rides Dubai which you will not find anywhere else. Apart from that, the Dubai hot air balloon ticket can also be booked with far more convenience, and you will not find any difficulty whatsoever.

  • Experienced Pilots

Hot Air balloon Dubai pilots are well trained and can ride any hot air balloon with quite ease and comfort. As a passenger, you will enjoy the smooth full rides over different exotic locations of Dubai.

  • Customer Care

Customers have always been our top priority, and we have been working day in day out to serve our customers with the best balloon air ride Dubai.

  • Reliability and Honesty

Hot Air Balloon Dubai is known for their firm values, and we thrive hard to stick to it no matter what the situation is. These both values are in our firm roots, and we will not shake from it in any situation.

  • Efficient Service

Hot Air Balloon Dubai is well known for its efficient servicing to several of its customers. With us, you will never find yourself feeling low or get caught in any disappointment.

Hot air balloon Dubai Package

The Hot Air balloon tour Dubai includes the following

  • Pick up from your desired hotel in Dubai.
  • A drive through the Hazar Mountains.
  • The photographic opportunity of sunrise.
  • Foods provided by us.

Dubais vast geographical climate is perfect for ballooning. With the Hot air balloon Dubai, fly through every mountain peak and feeling the golden dunes to an extraordinary effect.

A remembering experience

Hot air balloon Dubai provides a lure experience full of adventures and excitement in Dubai. During the very first experience in Dubai, you will see the great desert, beautiful blue skies and the red dunes of dessert and an uninterrupted channel of boundaries being widespread all across the country.

Start of the Hot Air Balloon Show Timing

The Hot Air Balloon Dubai Show starts in the morning and provides anyone with the best balloon adventures Dubai. Up there in the sky, this hot air balloon wide spreads like an eagle’s feather and flies at a relentless pace providing people to let enjoy much more in this huge demon.

Experience each event from your eyes, the skies, the birds, the beautiful mountains and indulge in this everlasting beauty of Dubai. These technologies are the oldest for carrying humans out there in the air and giving a thrilling experience to various customers. With the Hot Air balloon Dubai, you can forget about the magnificent city life of Dubai and can enjoy in this exotic moment of scenery and world-class adventure. Also, you can also enjoy the hot air balloon festival Dubai to boost your amusement to one notch higher.

From those sceneries straight to the winds which keep whispering in your ears, you will remember this everlasting experience, thats for sure. A hot air balloon ride Dubai can be the best gift you can gift to your partner on any of your chosen occasions. With the hot air balloon ride, Dubai cost is not too much; you can also enjoy with your complete family to the core without any issue whatsoever.

Hence, indulge in these hot air balloon adventures and feel happiness touching you with absolute joy and freedom.


  • Can Childrens fly?

Childrens aged between (0-4) are usually not allowed to fly. For maximizing safety, we have allowed childrens above four years of age who are smart enough to abide by our Balloon ride Dubai norms.

  • Can pregnant women fly?

As far as pregnancy is concerned, it is advisable to rest yourselves in couches or at some convenient locations rather than choosing a hot air balloon ride. However, you can enjoy seeing your friends and family flying high up in the sky from the launch site.

  • How are the Hot air Balloon Pilots Licensed?

The Hot air balloon pilots are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration who pass an FAA written examination, train for some hours in a balloon, pass a flight test and submit a medical statement to claim that they are fit.

  • How to pay for a balloon flight?

A deposit is due at booking and is payable through PayPal. Acceptance can be done in various currency forms such as Euros, Turkish, Lira, Pounds, Sterling and US Dollars. Payment done by a credit card will incur an additional 10 Euros.

  • How much prior should I book?

We will suggest booking in advance due to popularity of Hot Air balloon Dubai

How many people can accommodate?

A capacity ranging from 8 to 24 can be easily accommodated.

  • What if my flight gets canceled due to any unwanted weather conditions?

We recommended you to book your balloon flight for the very first available morning to get in touch with the remembering experience.

  • Where will you Land?

Our balloons will land in any huge area such as parks, school gardens, fields, etc.

  • Who ensures the Safety Standards?

The Federal Aviation Administration Ensures the Safety Standards with some strict guidelines levied for balloon ride Dubai.


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