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Green Planet Dubai Tickets

Green Planet Dubai Tickets, Do wish to find a new world of exotic flora and fauna in Dubai? Then, arrange a trip to the Green Planet Dubai where you see world’s oldest living ecosystem and other hidden things of the tropical forest.  At the first look of this outstanding rainforest, visitors are actually greeted with the giant aquarium that is filled with various species. Then, visitors can see the bio-dome from where they can enjoy the magical panoramic view of the largest indoor, life-sustaining, and man-made tree. Apart from this, there are many awesome attractions available in the region. The Green Planet Dubai is the perfect destination for nature lovers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life for a short period.

Ticket Price 

Adults: (AED 105)

Children (3 – 12): (AED 90)

Opening Hours

Sunday – Wednesday 10:00 am – 07:00 pm
Thursday – Saturday 10:00 am – 08:00 pm


  •  The Green Planet tickets
  •  Admission to several top attractions

One-day admission to the Green Planet:

With this package, you can obtain unlimited one-day access to the Green Planet. It is suitable for both young and old who wish to enjoy adventurously and experience the unique beauty another exotic world.

The party destination package:

Make your children birthday as an unforgettable one by celebrating his or her birthday at the Green Planet. It offers different packages to suit any budget so that you can enjoy the day. Here are some of the package names.Major attractions of the Green

Planet Dubai:

At the Green Planet Dubai, visitors of all age groups can explore each level of the forest from the flooded rainforest to the Canopy. Along the way, you will see and learn more than 3000 species of flora and fauna, which live within this enclosed tropical forest. It includes insects, frogs, butterflies, and much more. Additionally, you will learn about the significant role of the tropical forest in both the current and future environment as well as ways to protect it. Here are the major attractions of the Green planet.

Flooded Rainforest:

You can do lots of activities on this floor at the Green planet situated at the City Walk. Every year, more than 3metre of rainfall steams, and flooding river offers the perfect living environment for all animals and plants.

Forest floor:

Humid, dark, and quiet are the three words enough to describe the forest floor of the rainforest. Unlike other lively layers and more bright, any sunlight reaches the rain floor.

The Midstory:

The Midstory is the rainforest middle layer where you can see large leaves trees, which absorb sunlight through the canopy. Here, more open space than above the limit and more sunlight that is below the forest floor.

The Canopy:

It forms the rainforest roof and absorbing the majority of the rainfall and sunlight. Actually, it stands above 30-45meters from the ground level.

Highlights of the Green Planet Dubai:

  •  At the Green Planet Dubai, you can immerse yourself in the tropical rain forests.
  •  It is the first Middle East’s bio-dome of the kind
  •  You will explore a plethora of flora and fauna that spread across three thousand species
  •  At this place, you can find the world’s largest man-made tree that is 5-meter in height
  •  By visiting the location, you can learn some extraordinary secrets of the tropical rainforests and it offers some educational facility

Reasons to visit the Green Planet Dubai:

  •  Step into the Green Planet in Dubai is actually like entering into the world of the tropical forests, which is first of its kind in Dubai.
  •  It is an enclosed ecosystem where visitors can explore the exceptional array of flora and fauna.
  •  The destination is featured with more than 30000 different types of animals and plants that you have ever seen before.
  •  Additionally, it houses the largest man-made life-sustaining tree in the world.
  •  You can research and know something deeper about the nature present in the tropical forest magnificence.
  •  Individuals from any age group can visit this place and learn something about nature.
  •  Thus, it is one of the best places in Dubai to have an adventure with nature.

Things to know before you go:

  •  Timings: Green Planet Dubai is open all days of the week. The bio-dome is open for a specific time duration so please check the official website to reach in time.
  •  Child ticket Age limit: 3- 12 years
  •  Note: children under 3 years can access the Green Planet for free.
  •  Accessibility: The place is fully accessed with the wheelchair friendly
  •  Prohibitions: Food & beverages and smoking
  •  Photography: At Green Planet, Monopods, tripods selfie sticks, and flash photography are not allowed.
  •  The Green Planet Dubai attractive packages:


  1.  Where is the Green Planet Dubai located?

It is located at City Walk in Dubai, UAE.

  1.  How do I book the Green Planet Dubai tickets?

you can simply book tickets online.

 What are the major attractions of the Green Planet Dubai?

Flooded Rainforest, Forest floor, The Midstory, and The Canopy

  1.  Is e-ticket accepted at the Green Planet entrance desk?

Yes, you can show you Smartphone ticket at the entrance desk to explore the place

  1.  Is e-ticket cancellation possible at any time?

Cancellation is not possible for e-tickets.

  1.  What is included in the Green Planet tickets?

You can get access to the Green Planet but not allow to access any other attractions on the City Walk.

  1.  What is the best time to visit the Green Planet?

Early morning is the right time to visit.

  1.  Can you provide the exact visiting time of the Green Planet?

Saturday to Wednesday from 10 AM – 6 PM and Thursday & Friday from 10 AM – 8 PM

  1.  Is the Green Planet wheelchair friendly?

Yes, it is fully accessible with Wheelchair


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