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  • Flyboard Dubai
  • Flyboard Dubai
  • Flyboard Dubai
  • Flyboard Dubai
  • Flyboard Dubai
  • Flyboard Dubai
  • Flyboard Dubai

Flyboard Dubai

Are you searching for the best destination for water sports? Well, Dubai is the right option for you because it has many marine thrills and adventurous. Over 50km of coastline, water sports abound in the Dubai city. If you want to enjoy the marine fun and adventurous, then you can prefer flyboarding.  Flyboarding is one of the closest things to flying on water. With the one-person, water-propelled hoverboard can make you fly up to 9m in the air.

In the water hoverboard dubai, you can get a hover board with a 20-metre hose that is directly connected to the personal watercraft.  You will have an exhilarating experience while doing this water sports. When you come to enjoy this adventure, bring a reliable videographer to capture all the action. Along with this activity, you can have sea ride dubai.

Flyboard Dubai Price :

(310 AED)

Know everything about Flyboard:

The flyboard Dubai is the water flyboard pack, which goes on your feet and lets you surf the sky, explore the blue seawater, and even swim like a dolphin. The powerful flyboard ski motor is attached with the flyboard, which drag you to the awesome water routes with the connection of a pair of flyboard boots.

The flyboard connection and arrangements give you a chance to fly into the sky as a bird up to 9meters and dive or explore underwater.  Thus, flyboard Dubai is one of the exceptional water adventure sports that offer the finest opportunity for adventure seekers in the ultimate location of the Dubai (Arabian Gulf).  So, come and enjoy this water adventurous with your family and friends.

While visiting Dubai, it is one of the must do water sports activity. This water activity is very easy to do because you will get training for few minutes by the professional flyboard instructors before actually doing it. Once you start flying with the flyboard on balance and confidence, it becomes easier to dive, turn, and even do some tricks on the underwater or sky.

Highlights of this water adventure:

  •  You can experience an awesome feeling when you take to the sky and fly like a bird
  •  Enjoy the entire sensation of flying off the Dubai sea
  •  From the professional flyboard instructors, you can learn some basics and tricks to fly
  •  You can book tickets and get confirmation instantly
  •  Have full fun for 30-minutes Flyboarding experience
  •  Suitable for both beginners and experienced
  •  Have this amazing experience with an affordable water jetpack dubai price
  •  Strap on the water-jet powered hover or flyboard and fly above the sea
  •  Do not need to stand in the line and easy ticket cancellation option
  •  The flyboard dubai price can vary according to the season

Full description of the activity:

With this adrenaline-powered flyboard activity, you can challenge gravity and fly like your favorite superhero.  You can experience the sensation of flying above sea level at flyboard dubai jbr beach. If you are a beginner, you will get 30-minutes flyboard sensation including 10minutes of instruction from the experts in order to ensure your safety. The professional instructor will support you and manage the flyboard power as per your skill level. Once you have become comfortable with the device, the professional will show some new tricks and dive like a dolphin. Additionally, you will also access the option of taking pictures with JBR in your background. In the website, you can check flyboarding price before booking a ticket.


  •  Flyboard device connected with powerful motor
  •  Professional advice and instruction
  •  Lie jacket for safety
  •  Helmet
  •  Waterproof communication system to speak with the instructor
  •  Safety skin

Explore other options to enjoy your Dubai trip:

Along with flyboarding, you can enjoy various other adventurous and thrilling activities present in the Dubai.  You can have luxury marina dinner cruise along with live saxophonist. Even you can avail a helicopter tour to explore the Dubai from the sky. Spend some wonderful time on Jumeirah beach and much more. All the packages are cost-effective and perfectly fit your budget. You can also access various flyboard dubai deals based on your budget. Thus, you can enjoy everything in the Dubai if you spare some time.


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