Dune Buggy Dubai

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  • Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Dune Buggy Dubai

Dune Buggy Dubai

With Dubai being one of the most prominent centers for vacation, it provides viewers with thrilling and mesmerizing experience. Ranging from the tall end buildings to human made beaches, Dubai has always been a home for exotic locations and sightseeing. With all those things being of the top level, dune buggy Dubai is yet another thing to be looked at. The Dune buggy Dubai offers a whole new experience riding on those sands which will be unique than those car driving which we usually drive on the road.

Dune Buggy Dubai- Buggy Adventures at its best

For a thrilling new experience off the road, the Dune Buggy Dubai can take you to a world full of thrilling and adventurous experience. Enjoy the lure amazing sceneries of sand right from your buggy. Travel through the sands and have fun at the moment filled with sands and enjoy the amazing wildlife sightseeing to the greatest core.  The Dubai dune buggy rental services are provided quite easily and can be afforded by almost any individual who has a relentless dream of driving their favorite buggy.

For friends and family, it is a great way to share some quality time, especially when you get some time out from your busy life’s schedule. With the dune buggy safari Dubai, let your bond between your friends and other family members become as strong as the Hercules’ arm and rejoice in this very moment.

In either way, if you chose for the dune buggy driving, you will be immersed in this competitive experience of driving and also competing with other drivers. However, for your safety, a guide will be present in your buggy to guide you through all the obstacles with their excellent services.

Dune Buggy Dubai- Age Group

The dune buggy rental Dubai service is suitable for people aged from 21 to 55 years of age. Such age people have complete awareness and can drive their respective buggy in total safety.

Apart from that, even the children’s can indulge in this mesmerizing experience with their parents and can overtake the buggy experience to give an exhilarating feeling to their parents.

Dune Buggy Dubai- Different Exotic Package Collection

  •  1 Hour Dessert Adventure

Want an exciting, thrilling experience right at the very start of your morning bash, the Dune Buggy Dubai can provide you with such experience. 1-hour adventures are great to kick your mornings off the start. The Timings have two variants. One of which is the early morning which starts early morning from 9 am to 10 am. The other one is the late morning package which is from 11 am to 12 pm. Choosing of whichever spot is up to you, Capture the amazing shots of the smooth, scenic dunes right from your buggy. For tummy refreshment, carry some snacks and cold drinks with you and rejoice in this never-ending beautiful and enchanting experience. This 1hour will for sure give you a mesmerizing and a unique experience which you can confidently be proud of.

  •  Dune Buggy Dubai price- 1hour
  •  850 AED P/BUGGY.
  •  2 hours Desert Adventure

Well, not fulfilled with the 1-hour buggy adventure, try your luck at riding your favorite buggy for 2 hours. Well, unlike the 1hour buggy adventure, this one is divided into three slots. First one is from 9 am to 12 pm, and the other one is from 1 pm to 3 pm. You can find the convenient slot according to you and can ride on this mighty giant will all your heart and fun. There are major advantages of that extended one hour too. Choosing 2 hours Desert Adventure doubles up almost everything to boost your joy and happiness to an extra orbit level.

  •  Pricing- 2 hour
  •  1200 AED P/BUGGY.
  •  3 hour Desert Adventure

Well, the experience of Buggy Adventures Dubai does not stop in here. For extreme buggy lovers, the 3 hour Desert Adventure will be like a cherry on the top. People can spend those 3 hours while doing their favorite lovable thing. Wife’s or husbands can even watch a movie straight for 3 hours while their husbands will be on to the driving street running their buggy through exotic scenery, Talking about the timings, two slots options are provided for fanatic buggy lovers. One is from 9 am to 12 am, and another one is from 1 pm to 4 pm. In either case, if you choose the late afternoon slot, you can also add-on a sunset BBQ which can make your dune buggy Dubai experience even more pleasing and will be ended on a high note. For drone lovers, the drone video and various photo shoot options can be used as add-ons.

  •  Pricing-3 hour
  •  1500 AED P/BUGGY.
  •  Full day adventure

For those people who truly want to get lost in the deserts for one full day, the Dune Buggy Dubai has an option for such people too. Well, the day will start at 9 am and you will spend the rest of the day exploring the desert and will surely love every inch of it. Flow through the dunes, cut through all of the cacti and make this day of yours the very best in your life. While driving in your buggy all the way, look back towards the tires as they leave a deep imprint on the sand’s surface. Driving in deserts for one full day will surely make you a master at driving that’s for sure. For ending, a sunset tour and a BBQ campfire will be one of the best ends you will ever witness in your entire lifetime.

  •  Pricing- Full-day Adventure
  •  2500 AED P/BUGGY

Choose from the above Buggy Adventures Dubai package and immerse yourself in this never-ending and mesmerizing experience which will be remembered by you even in your darkest nights and shiniest days.

1 hours Buggy ride Safety equipment like helmet, boots, clothes, safety kit
Initial lesson for beginners


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