Dubai Helicopter Tour

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12 Minutes
  • Dubai Helicopter Tour
  • Dubai Helicopter Tour
  • Dubai Helicopter Tour
  • Dubai Helicopter Tour
  • Dubai Helicopter Tour
  • Dubai Helicopter Tour
  • Dubai Helicopter Tour
  • Dubai Helicopter Tour
  • Dubai Night City Tour

Dubai Helicopter Tour

Helicopter tour offers good experience to passengers those who are new to riding. Enjoy experience of helicopter riding in Dubai. You can see beautiful view on flying. The ride makes you view most popular attractions in Dubai. It fly over tallest building in the world which includes different spots that give new experience to see. In Dubai, helicopter ride is one of the popular ones to visit location with few minutes.  This tour you can found Burj Al Arab hotel which is wave-shaped of Arabian Gulf coast.  At reasonable package, you can go helicopter tour on your holiday.

ICONIC TOUR 12 MIN  Price : (675 AED)


  • Water Bottle
  • 12 Minutes Helicopter Tour



  • Refreshments
  • 40 Minutes Helicopter Tour

22 MIN VISION TOUR Price :(999 AED)


  • Refreshments
  • 22 Minutes Helicopter Tour

Importance of helicopter tour:

The helicopter tour offers thrilling ride to each and every passenger.  In the tour, you can see ionic landmarks that creating more memories on your life. It offers new experience to your one watching unheard places. Nowadays, there are lots places available to see on helicopter ride. It offers magic zipping via sky with stunning views of the city. Views hope to look some amazing places from the sky. The atlantis aquaventure deals will be provided for this tour packages.  Besides, it presents all-encompassing guide to this tour. It gives bird view to you and helps to choose best on to ride on sky.

Things should consider on helicopter tour:

The tour gives exciting and fun to the passengers.  It is considered on your enough cost and used to book your package. In the following content, you might find some factors which help to book tickets for booking helicopter ride.

Consider day and time:

While planning to ride with helicopter in Dubai, you have to select time on ticket booking.  It gives clear visibility to riding from sky.  The location is enriched with blanketed to offer impact visibility to ride in any area.  If you plan with right time and day then you might not find any issues with riding.  If you are going to morning tour it offers the clear view of skyline to people and able to view sunset region with slots.  It has lower density to see an excellent view of some places.

Time duration:

Duration is an important factor for arranging helicopter tour in Dubai. Based on the duration, they offer package for tour. When you are looking to book tickets for the ride, you have to select time duration properly. If you choose long duration you might view lots of places, otherwise, you view only a few locations.  Each tour will be differing on-time duration which ranges from twelve to forty minutes. You get one-time experience from the helicopter tour.  Flying on-air gives thrilling and awesome experience for a long time.

Weather condition:

Booking for riding the first check if weather condition of Dubai perfects or not. If it has bad weather condition you may not able to ride and see views clearly. Booking tickets for a helicopter ride, sometimes go ride in poor weather like storms and thunderstorms. So, you need to choose season with good weather condition.

Choose best professional for a tour:

Helicopter tour gives new life to the people to ride with safe.  Selecting right operator you can ride elegantly in a helicopter.  You have to go with experienced and trusted operator at all times. In the city, you can get unforgettable experience from the operator.

Ionic tour packages:

In the tour packages, you might find an ionic place that gives wonderful memories to you. In Dubai, there are two kinds of tours available to view some beautiful places. Without spending more time you might view landmarks of Dubai easily. You might see some places like The world islands, Dubai canal, Burj Khalifa, The Palm, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Corniche. In the trip, you can able to see all beautiful building in Dubai. With the flight, you can travel over the city on air.


  •  Excellent guide on riding
  •  It takes twelve to fifteen minutes to ride
  •  Get special offers on restaurants
  •  Best prick up and drop service

Helicopter tour packages (22 min):

Passengers can view more building from the sky. At reasonable cost, you can arrange a tour to ride with your family members. In the packages, you can watch some amazing locations like Burj Khalifa, Creek Golf Club, Mosques Heritage Village, Wind towers, the Burj Al Arab, The Trade souks, the Palm Jumeirah, and others.


  •  Twenty four hours refund service offered for ticket cancellation
  •  10% discount for souvenir photos
  •  Get free drop and pick up from hotels

Highlights of the package:

  •  From this one can able to see some awesome views with safety
  •  Palm Jumeira is one of the most beautiful artificial places in Dubai
  •  One flying over the world help to travel without any fear

Ability to see highest skyscrapers on the ride

Passengers enjoy a ride with high building and four passengers only able for this tour. Pilot points to ride on the tallest place in the sky.  Manmade archipelago will resemble the ride. It helps to take photos and videos with good clarity. Atlantis helipad assists to drop off specific hotel at a limited time.

Adventure tour package:

Enjoy beautiful moment from sky by viewing most popular building. Ride time will take forty minutes. If you book ticket for adventure helicopter tour, they will pick your from hotel and take short ride depend on your package.  You can able to see landmarks in Dubai such as Burj Al Arab, Meydan Racecourse, Jumeirah Lakes, Business Bay, Jebel Ali Palm, Atlantis Hotel and much more.


  •  Ride with well-experienced pilot or driver
  •  Book helicopter tickets elegantly
  •  Mineral water offered on riding
  •  They transfer with convenient service, clean and air conditioning.

For going helicopter ride, each passenger has passport. Recommended service is available for this ride.  With new sights, you enjoy lots of your family. Also, take photos on different view to keep it as memorable in your life.  Dubai ride gives complete security to passengers. Get gorgeous lifetime experience from the tour.


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