Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show

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  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show
  • Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show

Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show

Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show, is one of the popular indoor attractions in UAE.  It is the perfect place to enjoy your holiday with your friends and family.
Most of the people like to visit the Dubai dolphinarium on their vacation.  The Dubai dolphinarium mirror maze is home to UAE and most of the people
feel difficult to find the way through the disconcerting mirror maze, baffling and others. The people don’t miss the great opportunity of swimming with the dolphin.
You can get the great indoor dolphin fun of the lifetime.

Dolphinarium Dolphin And Seal Show Ticket Price :

120 )AED


  • Entry Ticket
  • Dolphin and Seal Show
  • VIP seats

Timing for Dubai dolphinarium and exotic bird show

The Dubai Dolphinarium is located in Creek Park and the tickets are non-refundable. Dubai dolphinarium provides some discount and offers in a ticket so you should
check the price list on the official website of Dubai dolphinarium. It is daily open from 10 AM with the dolphin and seal show at 11 AM. The exotic bird show is open
from 12.15 PM to 2 PM and other shows will open 4 PM and 7 PM.

Exotic bird show

You can enjoy the fun at the exotic bird show with more than 20 different birds, parrot, and others. You can visit the exotic bird while marvel, free flight shows,
the birds and parrot swoop overhead and then interact with the visitors. If you decide to visit the exotic bird show then you can book the ticket in online. you can
get a discount on tickets and the exotic birds include red-billed hornbill, sun conures, Eclectus parrots, gold and blue macaws, sun conures, green-winged macaws, an
African grey and much more.

Swim with dolphins

The visitors can swim with dolphins that provide the best experience to the visitors. It is a great opportunity in your life to swim and also play with the
manuals. You can swim with dolphins under the supervision of the experienced experts. The swimmer is great prior to experience and the talented trainers guide
the visitors through the training sessions. The trainers will answer you all the questions and the interaction can be from the side of swimming pool without
getting knee deep.  If you need to swim with mammals, then you should book the advance tickets. The advance ticket booking is most important part and in
the session, up to 8 people are combined. The time period of session will comes 45 minutes with two dolphins and the wetsuits are offered for the training session.

Dolphin planet

You can get the adventure experience with the majestic dolphin swim. The different activities offered on the dolphin planet such as meet and greet, dive,
swim, and others be an experienced trainer for the day. In the dolphin planet, you can swim with the amazing dolphins on the intimate level. The visitors can
enjoy the belly ride to kiss, dance, play, and hug with the incredible dolphins.  The great features of the majestic dolphin swim are suitable for children
more than five years old, limited guest per session, wet interaction in the deep water, connect to the dolphin through high energy, kisses and hug behavior.

Trainer for the day program

The trainer for a day and spend the day working with the dolphins as a trained dolphin trainer. In this program, the trainer provides the understanding of
the operant conditioning in a unique way. The visitors not only get experience in the communication link between the trainer and mammals but also have on hand
how to dolphin ambassador. The training program session for three hours and it starts at 10 AM to 1 PM. This program is suitable for above 7 years old children
and only 5 people are limited as per session. The candidates receive the certificate at the end of every program.

Mammal scuba dive program

The dolphin scuba dive program is packed a lot of adventure with the dolphin in the underwater. The guest can get experience with this program and receive
the scuba certification. This program is only suitable for above 15 years old and the time period of the session is 24 minutes underwater with the dolphins.
The talented and qualified staffs guide you through this program. The Dubai dolphinarium provides the complete scuba equipment and two guests are limited per session.

Personal and Up close to dolphin

In the Up close and personal to dolphin program, the guest can enjoy and fun with the dolphin. The shallow water interaction program allows you to interest
with the mammals in the environment. Under the supervision of the trainer, the guest is in water to the knee height and they will also dance, touch, play, watch,
and sign with the dolphins. The Personal and Up close to a dolphin is perfect for people who feel fear in the water. The 8 guest is limited to this program and you
can also book the tickets in online.

Useful information for Dubai dolphinarium ticket booking

The experts provide the dolphin interaction for the non-swimmer, dry and wet, and swimmers. The visitors can swim with a dolphin with the minimum 20 minutes.
You can get up to 20% discount on every booking to the Dubai dolphinarium dolphin and seal show. Before start swimming with dolphin you should learn more details
about the mammals and their behaviors form the trainer. The children under the 12 years should be accompanied by the paying the adult. One adult for three children
per interaction and they provide the lifejacket to the visitors. The child below 2 years old is free and the show tickets cannot be used for any promotion way. The
tickets are non-refundable and it is only valid for the show issued.

Dubai dolphinarium also offers the online ticket booking option so you can simply book the tickets within few clicks. The Dubai dolphinarium tickets will be done
within the top Dubai hotels or otherwise purchase the ticket at the Dubai office. The ticket is valid for the issued shows. No-cancellation is available for the dolphin
and seal show tickets.


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