Dinner in Dubai Desert Pricing

Code: DID-00011
6 Hours
  • Evening Desert Safari BBQ Dinner
  • Evening Desert Safari Belly Dance
  • Camel Ride in Desert Safari
  • Private Desert Safari
  • Evening Desert Safari BBQ Dinner
  • Tanoura Dance
  • Hinna Tattoo
  • Fire Show

DINNER IN DESERT Every one of you must have had dinner in all of the fancy restaurants all over the world. But very few have that eating experience of Dinner in Desert.Dubai is known as the house of desert, and there are very many things for exploration and the ones which will blow your mind to an extra orbit level.With most of the world’s exotic, beautiful scenarios fitted in Dubai, there are much more things which can take your breaths away if you will choose.

For a dinner in Dubai.

Dinner In Desert- Dubai Dessert Dinner without dune bashing
The exclusive Dubai desert Dinner without dune bashing package brings you a range of exciting stuff and opportunities which every one of you will
definitely like. Besides many fun activities for people of any age, there are some premium ones too for the hardcore enjoyment enthusiasts. Some
of them are the delicious barbecue salads and a mouth-watering list of desserts. Other than that, there are other enjoyment opportunities which
will be worth every penny of yours.

Dinner in Desert- Camel riding

Every one of us knows that the camel is the ship of the desert. But, not every one of us has got a chance to ride that beast in our lifetime. In Dubai,
all your fascinating dreams of riding a camel will be fulfilled with quite a satisfaction. This option is available in desert safari without dune bash which
is quite affordable and will not incur heavy blow on any of your pockets. While riding on the camel, you can get a clear view of some viewpoints around

Dinner in Desert- Desert safari with bbq dinner Dubai

You say bbq once, and everyone will come rushing to you for quenching their lustrous hunger. Well, the dinner has dishes ranging from every nations
category and made in a hygienic environment. For couples, they will love the romantic dinner in the desert Dubai to their highest possible happiness.
Be it an old grandpa or a young kid who is eager to eat some of the dishes which will tickle his taste buds; they have got the best desert safari Dubai
bbq dinner menu. You say, and they will present you the same within minutes.

Dinner in Desert- Photogenic will love it

For people who are a fanatic of taking selfies, choosing this package will be the best-loved moment for them. With a range of beautiful and mind-blowing
sceneries all over, you can click your photos anywhere with complete confidence. Stand ahead of any Sea and be blessed with the shine, that moon will
outlay on you in wonderful ways.

Dinner in Desert- Affordability

People who want a perfect package, dinner being of top-class and also the other inclusive activities of the package, Dubai will be the perfect holiday place
or them. Their foods have always been tempting and worth every penny. The Desert safari with bbq dinner cost is affordable and can match any person’s
budget quite easily.

If you have still not experienced a night of Dinner in Desert, Dubai will be the perfect place to let yourself relax in lavish couches and enjoy the fun to the core.

6 Hour Tour  Buffet dinner comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
Sunset photography Shisha or ‘hubble-bubble in shisha area free of cost without any limitation
Sand Boarding Get photographed in Arabic dress depending upon availability
Camel Riding Separate toilet for men and women
Belly Dance Show
Tanura show
Fire Tanura show
Unlimited access to beverages
Henna free of cost


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