Pricing Variations

Camel Rock Desert Safari

In the vacation time, the people can make the trip across different part of the country. They can access the best package to visit many places at the trip time. If you are looking to visit in Dubai, you don’t miss a chance to utilize the Camel Rock Desert Safari. It is considered as a fascinating attraction in Dubai. This is also called as jebel maleihah or fossil rock. During the vacation time, the visitors mostly visit this place. You can enjoy an adventurous activity with this place. You can visit the place under the travel guide. This is very helpful for you to reach the place correctly and views lot more things in one place.

It is a perfect trip with your friends and family members. Before making the trip, you can check the availability of the package that suitable for your budget. You can get the best package that suitable that suitable for the family. The package price varied depending on a number of days you can visit the place. You can experience with the safe and comfortable ride. In the fossil rock safari dubai, you can enjoy the quad biking, sand boarding, camel riding and lot more. You can view the sun set and capture the beautiful moments

Inclusion of camel rock desert Dubai:

  •  Vip Camp
  •  6 Hour Tour
  •  Tanura show
  •  Sand Boarding
  •  Belly dance show
  •  Fire Tanura show
  •  Sunset photography
  •  Henna free of cost
  •  Free sand-boarding
  •  Falcon Photography
  •  Quad Bike include in cam area
  •  Camel riding free of cost
  •  Unlimited access to beverages
  •  Alcohol beverages at additional cost
  •  Separate toilet for men and women
  •  Buffet dinner comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
  •  Get photographed in Arabic dress depending upon availability
  •  Shisha or ‘hubble-bubble in shisha area free of cost without any limitation

Access the right package:

In order to get the good package with the best price, you can hire the right travel company and get the package that fit for the budget. Some travel agency offers the best package at a reasonable price. The fossil rock safari dubai brings the memorable experience to the visitors and enjoys the safety travel. Before visiting the place, you can locate an official site of the Dubai tourism and check price range of the package. They always keep the right package that suitable for the family members and others. You can visit the right restaurant and finish you launch and dinner.

You can see the activity present in the place and check the cost of it. You can get the reliable and budgeted packages and feel relaxed with your friends and family members from this place. It is the most visited tourist destination among the travelers in the present scenario. You can check the dubai desert safari deals for your trip and get the better one that fulfills your needs. You can enjoy the amazing fun at the ride time. You can see the complete beauty of the VIP Camel Rock Desert Safari and visit other attraction in Dubai.

Enjoy different activity:

You can avail of different activities in the place. It is located just about an hour at the Dubai outside. It is a great chance for you to visit the place and consume the best activity that suits for your needs. The fossil rock safari starts with the dune bashing and you can take pleasure in sand boarding, quad biking, photo opps and others. You can take amazing photos of the camel riding time. You can enjoy the best dining experience in the place. You can only focus on the continuous improvement on the desert safari.

It is the good investment for your money and you can select the driver that holds the desert safari license.  You can go down the red dune safari and enjoyed the dune bashing. At the same time, you can take dune biking activity that better for your travel. You can get the perfect accommodation for your trip and take a pleasure for visiting Dubai. In order to get all things in one place, you can first choose the reputable travel agent in your area and book the package at the low price.

With the advent of the technology, you can use the internet and get more information about the desert safari and other. You can check out what type of activity you can enjoy in desert safari dubai. Depending on the requirements, you can get the most suited package that beneficial for your travel. You can take pride for visiting the desert safari and enjoy the camel ride at the best cost.


When it comes to the food, you can access the different inclusion in the desert safari. So, you never miss an opportunity to enjoy the camel ride and other activity at the camel rock desert. You can benefit from different food items with perfect offers and deals. This is a suitable choice for the food lovers.

  • You can enjoy the international buffet system for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items
  • You can gain the traditional sweet items in a simple way and don’t spend enough money for it
  • You can get different food menus that suitable for your taste

Entertainment shows:

  • The visitors can access the full light refreshment things and sound display on the desert safari
  • They can enjoy the Tanura dancing show
  • Also, you can view the live belly dance show, traditional Arabic music and fire show in the desert.

The visitors can enjoy lot more things in one place and take a chance to visit most appreciated wonders. This one invites you to get more pleasure for locating the place. You can book the package anywhere in your area and get the extra offers for your trip. You can get the one as soon as possible.

Points to be Noted:

  •  Booking has to be done 48 hours prior.
  •  Cancellation should be notified within 24 hours or you will be charged 50% cancellation fees.
  •  Certain people including pregnant ladies, people with back problems and senior citizens are advised to refrain from dune bashing.
  •  They should notify the driver so that they can directly be dropped off at the camp, skipping these events.
  •  Children below the age of 3 will not be charged. Children above 3 years of age will be charged as adults.
  •  Cash Payment/ Online Payment/ Credit Debit Card Payment /Bank Account Deposit


  •  Vegetable Samosa
  •  French Fries
  •  Cold Drinks starts with Starters
  • Falafel
  • Arabic Sweet (Luqaimat)


  •  Russian Salad
  •  Macaroni
  •  Hummus
  •  Koslo
  •  Lettuce
  •  Chick peas
  •  Arabic Pickle & Indian Pickle
  •  Mint Sause
  •  Yogurt
  •  Date

Main Course

  •  Vegetable Biryani Rice
  •  Zeera Rice
  •  Noodles
  •  Steam Vegetables
  •  Mix Vegetables Curry
  •  Chana Masala Curry
  •  Daal (lentils)

Barbeque Station

  •  Chicken Tikka
  •  Seekh Kebab
  •  Fried Fish
  •  Barbeque Chicken


  •  Ferni / Custard / Umm Ali (Dish of the day)
  •  Mixed Fruits