Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets

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Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets

Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets, Now most of the people are like to go Bollywood Dubai parks. It is one of the most popular theme parks in all over the world.  The park shows a beautiful spirit of Bollywood stars. Booking tickets to visit the park you have multiple options to book simple and affordable price. However, a park is available with 4D theatre adventures which give thrilling to watch the movie.  It gives a new experience for people those who visit the park. It is split into five zones, resorts and parks located at the center. Booking tickets to see the park you get special deals that help to visit lots of tourist spots around Dubai.

Ticket rice :  185 AED


  • Day pass
  • Access to the park
  • Access to thrilling rides, restaurants and shops

Beautiful attractions of Bollywood Dubai parks:

Here you can see some attractions and zones of the park that offers a unique experience to riders.

Mumbai Chowk:

It will explore some popular streets and blockbuster Indian films.  In the tunnel ride, you can get thrilling and beautiful way to catching Mumbai express.  One acquires the first-hand experience from the place.

Bhuvan’s Wheel:

It contains different wheels that take kids to high height in the air. It gives a luxury ride to kids and opens on park time.  With safety things, children ride with enough requirement on the wheels.

Royal Plaza:

It is grand plaza that constructed with gorgeous designs. This is beautiful landmark and heart of the Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets. The Rajmahal theatre is watching Bollywood movies with exclusive sound effects. In the place, people find more performance with energy which will be displayed on a LED screen. There are most of the dancers are dancing on the stars on steps with different performances.

Film studios:

It is your chance to watch scenes of favorite Bollywood stars.  The 4D multi-sensory theater shows adventure of flying in the sky.  It displays a way of dancers and thrilling shows.

Package for Bollywood parks:

In the modern life, people can get tickets easily from online. Through This website , you can book the ticket directly to reduce a time for booking in the park. It also saves your time and money. With the help of online, you can acquire a ticket at discount deals and buy at a trusted market place. To showcase top attractions of the park you get 20% discount for regular price.  Additionally, you have 5% cash back offer which provided only if you book a ticket on online.

The inclusion of annual pass:

  •  You get 10% discount for retail shops and restaurants in the park
  •  For admission tickets have 10% off to visit all theme parks at Bollywood Dubai parks
  •  10% deals for resorts and all shows inside the park
  •  You can also have special deals for season
  •  50% off for musical show tickets
  •  Booking room on hotel with 20% discount offer

Holiday tour package:

You can spend your holidays in the Dubai Park with your family.  It takes only two days to visit beautiful tourist destination in the location.  For booking tickets to the park, you can get 10% offer for checkout page. Have summer holidays enjoy the whole day with awesome places in the theme park.  It is the best choice to visit, Water Park, Legoland and bollywood parks.


  •  In the package, you can operate to hundred tourist spots and ride on a single day
  •  Get Bollywood, Hollywood, and Legoland experience
  •  Eat yummy and delicious dishes over the world
  •  Make sweet memories with your family
  •  Ticket cancellation fee was given

One day package:

Children and youngster are enjoying the packages to spend a holiday with different spots.  This theme park is on blue skies of Dubai that make to give the whole day as fun.  You might see different attractions with your family.  See lots of restaurants and shops are available within the park.  Transportation will be free inside a park.


  •  For one day package for park, you get admission ticket to park
  •  Transfers for round trip

Combo package:

It is most wonderful theme park which contains four parks situated in Dubai parks.  In combo packages, you can make a trip for one day, two days, and seven days of hopper pass to enjoy on the park.  On the package, you can see Motion gate, Legoland Water Park, and Legoland Dubai.  It also offers some special deals for visitors.


Visit motion gate:

In the park, you can able to access with twenty-seven rides on successful picture studios.  View three larges studios like Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, and DreamWorks. It is hanging out by kung fu panda and others.

Water Park:

The water parks are designed with awesome designs which most suitable for children. Various water rides are available to give more enjoyment to kids. Park boasts are covered with water slides to give awesome attraction.


It is enriched with full of imagination and rave cars. In the city, you can save burning and play table for ten meters. It gives an exciting dragon coaster to enjoy those days.

Highlights of Bollywood Dubai park:

In the park, you can enjoy unforgettable moments with favorite stars at Dubai.  You might find five zones to make holidays to be more memorable. Watch fantastic movies in the park.  Simulation rides give more entertainment to get blockbuster attractions. In theme park, you shop different products which dedicated to things used in Bollywood.  If you book tickets to parks online, you can get it instantly.  The electronic ticket will be accepted for twenty-four hours. Booking contamination differs and cancellation of tickets not acceptable.

  •  Enjoy your holiday with full of fun with family in park
  •  Choose any one of zones from five zones on the Bollywood Park Dubai
  •  It offers endless entertainment on live shows, thrilling attractions, rides and much more
  •  Perfect option to spend your holidays with the whole family
  •  Explorer is great choice for saving your time and flexibility to buy tickets
  •  You can shop products randomly from the park at a cheaper cost.
  •  Restaurants are open to offering delicious taste foods and beverages


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