The Green Planet Dubai Tickets to explore more about the flora and fauna that uncovers more secrets of the nature. Delicate layers of the forest are recreated with different plants and animals inhabit each other with providing the glimpse behind veil of greenery. Discover complete Wonders of The Tropical Forest with bio-dome inviting the visitors to enjoy and explore fascinating flora and fauna of our planet. The Green Planet Dubai lets you to easily learn more things about the nature and protects many beautiful, unique and interesting species found within forests of world. Get a whole lot of truly enlightening experience with viewing The Green Planet Dubai. You will also learn more information about the important role of tropical forest and know what we can do to help it and its inhabitants. Standard terms and conditions apply and every MultiPass will be valid for 1 day only and same admission to all the attractions. Here is the best choice for maximum savings as well as flexibility on The Green Planet Dubai Tickets. Everyone adventurous and curious, old and young alike are invited to discover unique beauty of oldest living ecosystem in the world with enabling the troves of treasure that it holds to much advance.

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