Over Night Dubai Desert Safari, Take a break from your usual routine
Over Night Dubai Desert Safari A vacation is a perfect way of taking a break from your routine. But what is the point of taking a vacation when there is no adventure or any fun element involved? What better way of having an incredible experience than an overnight desert safari where you get a chance to sleep under the stars? Let us provide you with a Over Night Dubai Desert Safari that you will never forget.
Your adventure is our responsibility
When you choose any one of our packages, your adventure becomes our responsibility and we will go to all lengths to ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime. If this is your first overnight camping trip, then we will not leave you disappointed.
We will start our escapade together when our professional driver comes to pick you up from your listed destination. From there, we will enter the desert far away, and our driver will take you on one of the best dune bashing experiences ever. Your safety will be ensured at all times as you are our highest priority. Our driver will then take you to a great spot where you can stretch your legs and enjoy the beauty of the golden sands and a pleasant afternoon. You can also take some great images here.
From there, we will dune bash some more and bring you to our camp where you will find more exciting activities to engage in. These activities include quad biking on a trail especially laid out for you and sand surfing. If you have never ridden a camel before, then this is your chance as we also offer free camel rides at the camp.
As evening comes, you will be served some delicious dinner while some exciting talent shows are put on for you by our professional belly dancers and fire performers. You will also find a huge variety of drinks available.
As soon as night comes and the day’s activities are over, we will spread out comfortable sleeping bags for you right under the clear sky. You will get a chance to sleep under the brilliant shining stars. In the morning, we will serve you some delicious breakfast and take you back to your required destination.
Our packages
We have many different packages available for you. Some are even customisable, so you can create one according to your needs.

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