Dubai City Tour,One of the best vacationing spots, Dubai is filled with amazing places that you must visit on your trip. If you have never been to Dubai and you don’t know anyone who has explored the city, then you need some professional help. The city holds many activities and attractions that you should include on your must-visit list and thankfully, we know the exact spots.
A tour around the amazing city
Dubai City tour may take almost an entire day, but we guarantee that no famous tourist spot will be missed out during the trip. We understand your thirst for adventure and the need to explore, so we will start the day by picking you up from the destination you tell us. Our first stop will be at the Dubai Museum, which is near the Al Fahidi Fort. In this museum, you will get a chance to discover the Arabic history as well as the history of Dubai. You will find many ancient artifacts and exciting discoveries that will fulfill your requirement for knowledge. We will then continue our journey to the Jumeirah Mosque which was built in 1979. The mosque witnesses a lot of footfall every day and many tourists come to visit the mosque as it is the best representation of the Islamic architecture.
We will then proceed to the Jumeirah Public Beach where you can enjoy the sun and the water and have fun bathing. After that, our tour will continue to Burj Al Arab which is one of the tallest and most lavish building in the city. We’ll have you know that it is also one of the most expensive spots in the city.
A trip to the Palm Island is a must. This artificial island is one of the best creations of architects and engineers working in the city. As Atlantis Hotel is on this island, we will take you there for a short visit as well.
One of the busiest roads in the city, you can spot almost any type of car on the Sheikh Zayed road. We will also assist you in exploring the towering skyscrapers of the city and end the tour at one of the best malls in the city. You will be able to shop in the malls and return to us, after which we will take you to your hotel or any other place you want.

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