Abu Dhabi City Tour, Being the capital of UAE, a visit to the city is a must when you are on a trip to the country. The city is filled with great places to visit, exotic food, remarkable architecture and enticing shopping malls.
The city will not fail to amaze you as it is the finest combination of modern architecture and Arabic culture. The city is lined with clear blue waters and has one of the biggest shopping centers.
The City of Abu Dhabi
A wonder city and one of the largest cities in the Emirates, Abu Dhabi is filled with culture and modernisation. You will find the best of both worlds in this town, and we ensure that you will witness each and every place that needs to be seen here. Our packages are designed to fulfil your requirements while giving you the best experience of the city, making sure that all the stops to the right spots are made so that you do not miss out on the beauty of the city.
Your Journey in Abu Dhabi
We will start this tour by picking you up at your hotel or any place you require. The trip to the city is two hours long when you are traveling from Dubai, during which you will witness some amazing views which are bound to leave you baffled.
Our first stop will be at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque where thousands of visitors set foot every day. This mosque is enormous and is one of the best representations of the architecture of the country.
We will then continue our journey to some of the most renowned landmarks of the country, which includes the Emirates Palace, again a place with an astounding architectural beauty which will leave you wondering how the workers managed to pull off something as grand as this place. The next stop will be Abu Dhabi City Center, one of the most famous tourist spots. After a short stop there, we will proceed to the Corniche nestling, where you can eat all types of exotic food as the place is filled with many different restaurants and cafes built to entice its audience into coming back for more.
When you have come to this beautiful city, you cannot leave without knowing a little about its past. Hence, we will also stop at the Abu Dhabi Museum and Heritage Village where you can discover the history of the city.
Upon leaving the histories behind, you will then get a chance to visit the modern city. We will take a quick stop at the Mariana Mall where you can have some snacks and shop to your heart’s content. We will bring the tour to an end by visiting Yas Island and Ferrari World and then drop you off to your final destination for the day.

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