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Vip Hummer Desert Safari – Desert Safari Dubai

Vip Hummer Desert Safari, Dubai is the most visited spot among the travelers in the present days. They spend the time to select the right place for the visiting purpose. In order to explore new things in Dubai, you can visit the beautiful hummer desert safari. You can enjoy the wonderful desert scenery and critter on the hummer claws. You can access the best package that suits for your travel. You can see the admiring landscape that promises you to pick up the best experience for your travel. You can take photograph in Arabic costume. It is a great chance to visit Dubai.

You can discover the hidden beauty of the desert in this way and acquire the perfect things in the desert. It is a thrilling way of discovering the desert beauty and enjoys the activity based on the request. The Vip Hummer  Safari is the best place for you to book the tour. You can visit the safari operator and get the hummer drive guide. It is the best alternative place for the trip that you cannot find anywhere in the globe. In Dubai, this type of safari is hard to find and visit the agent and ask help for them.

Vip Hummer Safari PACKAGE2099 AED (5-6 PERSON TOTAL)

      Pickup from your location by( H2 Hummer ) dubai /sharjah

      25 to 30minutes of sand dune bashing

      Drop off at around 9-9:30pm.

Inclusion of the hummer desert safari:

  •  6 Hour Tour
  •  Vip Camp
  •  Horse Ride
  •  Tanura show
  •  Sand Boarding
  •  Belly dance show
  •  Fire Tanura show
  •  Sunset photography
  •  Henna free of cost
  •  Free sandboarding
  •  Falcon Photography
  •  Vip Cabin Sitting Service
  •  Quad Bike Ride in Camp area
  •  Camel riding free of cost
  •  Unlimited access to beverages
  •  Everything should be served on table
  •  Alcohol beverages at additional cost
  •  Separate toilet for men and women
  •  Buffet dinner comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
  •  Get photographed in Arabic dress depending upon availability
  •  Shisha or ‘hubble-bubble in shisha area free of cost without any limitation


  •  Vegetable Samosa
  •  French Fries
  •  Cold Drinks starts with Starters
  •  Falafel
  •  Arabic Sweet (Luqaimat)


  •  Russian Salad
  •  Macaroni
  •  Hummus
  •  Koslo
  •  Lettuce
  •  Chick peas
  •  Arabic Pickle & Indian Pickle
  •  Mint Sause
  •  Yogurt
  •  Date

Main Course

  •  Vegetable Biryani Rice
  •  Zeera Rice
  •  Noodles
  •  Steam Vegetables
  •  Mix Vegetables Curry
  •  Chana Masala Curry
  •  Daal (lentils)

Barbeque Station

  •  Chicken Tikka
  •  Seekh Kebab
  •  Fried Fish
  •  Barbeque Chicken

You can check the inclusion available in the package that gives the full access to the trip. You can verify it once again and make the memorable trip forever. You cannot wait for anything and go to enjoy the desert scenery and landscape. You can take advantage of the host of activity present in the package. You can keep up the hummer desert safari tour dubai and explore the beauty of the desert.

  • You can enjoy the ride bashing via the sand dunes
  • You can acquaint with the desert safari dubai hummer h2 and enjoy different activity
  • You can receive the great traditional welcome of the desert and explore the activity in a perfect manner.
  • You can mingle with others from around the world and keep up the plentiful international buffet
  • You can enjoy the belly dance with Arabic music style that keeps entertained more.
  • The hummer dune bashing dubai also come up with the meals and refreshments that you want. So, you don’t worry about it.
  • You can try to ensure the best hummer desert safari that offers Arabic costume and take the photography.
  • You can spend an amount for the fragrant sheesha corner, henna painting, quad biking and sand boarding.
  • You can get the alcohol beverage in the camp at the best price.
  • This place contains separate toilet for male and female.
  • You can pick up the schedule and visit the place on time without any delay.
  • You can avoid some things to visit dubai
  • The visitors can get the free pick up and drop off option
  • You can enjoy the dazzling and beautiful desert with the support of guide

Pick up the operator:

The operators are available at any time for the visitor’s needs. You can utilize the internet and access the phone number of the hummer operator. You can make a call to them and access the service easily without any hassle. At the hummer desert safari dubai, the people can benefit from dune bashing and sand boarding at the hummer. You can get more thrill and adventure to the hummer. You can enjoy each and every attribute of the desert safari dubai . It gives an excellent adventurous activity that makes the travel more reliable in your life.

It is a memorable event for your life and gets the package to visit the desert safari. It is an ideal choice for one who loves the adventure and thrilling activity. You can cherish the beautiful hummer safari in dubai. The dune bashing and sand boarding are the main attraction of the desert safari. You can enjoy the monotonous ride with the help of the hummer operators. So, you can plan a different set of activity at the camp and enjoy the camping activity more. Photography is allowed in the desert safari hummer adventure tour dubai. You can take more advantage of this kind of trip you make in your lifestyle.

Consider the tour package:

It is an important one for any type of trip you have to go. In the internet era, you can surf the internet and contact the best travel agency. You can get the better and reasonable packages that don’t hurt your money. You can view the list of the package with the price tags. You can completely view it and get the suitable one for you. You can also check out the  Dubai Desert safari dubai rates and other for visiting the place without any hassle. So, you cannot about for visiting this type of place and take pride in utilizing the trip.

Now, each and every travel agency keeps the good record for the trip package and other activity. You can plan well for staying the place and check the hummer safari dubai price. You can surely get the best and fine things from the travel agent. It is the best concern for every traveler in these days and acquires the important things for the travel purpose. You can receive the thrill and delightful experience with the grand sand dune. This is also suitable for the sand boarding, camel riding, and other activity.

Before making the trip, you can consider some important things that help for the trip. You can enjoy the delicious dinner offers and others at the trip time. Hiring the right travel agent is the crucial concern among the travelers. They can put effort to find out the best one and get the affordable packages. You can consider the desert safari dubai hummer rates for enjoying the desert safari. You can take own time and make a plan for the trip. There are different options available for visiting the desert safari. You can get the hummer desert safari deals dubai that gives benefit to the travel.