Pricing Variations

  • Group of 3-4 people: 200 AED/person

Dubai City Night Tour

Dubai  City Night Tour, Ever thought of the best city which can provide you with the best night tour? If not then the Dubai midnight tour will be the perfect option for you. The mesmerising experience which you will get here in the Dubai City Night Tour will be all different and exciting. As we all know, Dubai is the world’s best destination for those who would love to go out for a vacation with their loved ones and want to enjoy every bit of their everlasting experience in the night tour Dubai.

Dubai City Tour Price   Minimum  (3 t 4 person)

Per child:

UAE- 150 AED.

Adult Per Person:

UAE- 200 AED.

Complete Private Car ( 800) AED

Tour itinerary

  •  Pick from anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah
  •  Dubai Creek
  •  Gold Souk
  •  Abra Boat Ride ( Ticket include
  •  Dubai Museum (Ticket Included )
  •  Jumeirah Mosque
  •  Jumeirah Beach
  •  Burj Al Arab
  •  Madinat Jumeirah
  •  Passing New Dubai
  •  Palm Jumeirah
  •  Atlantis Plam Hotel
  •  Marina Dubai
  •  Mall of the Emirates
  •  Burj Khalifa
  •  Dubai Mall
  •  Kings Palace ( His Highness Sheikh “MOHAMMAD” Bin rashid Al Maktoom Palace )

Dubai City Night Tour- Burj Khalifa

Dubai is also well known for its tall tale buildings. Dubai has the tallest buildings and a height which can be breathtaking for anyone. Everybody knows that Burj Khalifa being the tallest of all stands as the main tourist point in Dubai. Every building of Dubai is sculptured to an absolute perfection to let people remain stunned after seeing them. Ride onto the Dubai City Tour and enjoy seeing this tall stature high up in the sky covered all the way with clouds.

Dubai City Night Tour- Burj Al Arab

With such tall buildings, don’t forget the world’s largest shopping center, The Dubai Mall. Yes, it is a heaven for all those people who love shopping. Loaded with all the stuff right from a pin to all of the modern advancements, you say, and the mall has each and everything to present in front of you. With the Dubai City Night Tour being the very best, you can relax your couches at Burj Al Arab which is the world’s only one seven-star hotel. This hotel has all of the modern class amenities and an experience you will relish will all your comfort. With the Dubai City Night Tour, you can get access to these huge world-class things and can make your vacation worth remembering and cherishing.

Dubai City Night Tour- Plam Jumeirah

Other than that, the city sightseeing Dubai night tour will also enable you to see the exotic humanmade island known as the Island Plam Jumeirah. With such enchanting beauty, words can become less as its creation has made millions of viewers get stuck seriously in its mesmerizing beauty. This Island does not look like a Man-made and can surely leave many people in complete ambiguity and confusion. Enjoy with all of your friends on the island sand and rush in with a spark of water on those clean waters splashed all over your body. Well, a beauty on its own, so far, none of the islands have been as beautiful as this one. With such magnificent beauties still existing in this world, the panoramic night tour of Dubai will not leave your mind so easily.

Dubai City Night Tour- Ideal for tourists

The Dubai City Night Tour is one of the best; it is surely ideal for people who are in Dubai for some business visit. With such business, these people will surely be unavailable for the morning as they have their important meetings and other stuff related to it. But, at night, they can enjoy the lure benefits of the night tour Dubai to the core of excitement and amusement.  For people who have just landed to Dubai want to spend some quality time, the Dubai night tour from airport facility is also provided. Different options for Dubai sightseeing tours are also provided for such people. Many of the business class people do think of spending some time with their best-loved family and choosing the Dubai city night tour will never make your single penny go in vain. So what are you waiting for, choose from an exotic list of Dubai tour packages and indulge in this night filled with lightning and happiness.

Dubai City Night Tour- Excellent Support Team

Choosing the Dubai City Night tour can be the best decision of your life. It consists of a service team par excellence. In which, all of your queries will be solved quite professionally, and no issue will occur in their servicing whatsoever. You say, and they will surely have every detailing answer to all of your queries and problems.

Dubai City Night Tour- Local Expert Tourist Guide

The Dubai sightseeing tours are incomplete without a local expert tourist guide. The Guide’s can help you with every desired location with ease and in time. Their guides are well trained and do know about every location of Dubai. They speak English will is surely the global language and is known by everyone across the world. For the question -“Dubai at midnight what to do”? The local expert tourists will confidently let you find the answer to such question within a blink of an eye.


Good to know things:

  • Children’s ticket aged 0- 3 are free.
  • 10% discount offer to four or more person groups.
  • There are free Museum Tickets included with the Tour Package.
  • Water bottle and cold drinks will be provided for free.
  • Experienced guides for guiding you and your family with all of your queries and problems.
  • Exotic location sightseeing included in the tour itself.
  • No hidden charges for anything.
  • Professional service team ready to serve you in any situation.


Dubai Tour Packages

Duration of the Tour: 4 hours 30 Minutes

Servicing: 7 days a week (Daily).

Pick Time: You can choose your desired time.

Drop Off time: It depends mainly on your starting time.

Local Expert guide language: English Speaking.

Refreshment: Water Bottle, Soft Juice.

Vehicle Type: Luxury Seats- Fully Air Conditioned.


Hence, choose the Dubai midnight city tour and indulge in this beautiful experience at this very moment and at the same time you will cherish all these wonderful memories in the nearby future that’s for sure.